🗻Epiko World: Legends Showdown

Official Epiko World Business Plan (v.1.1). Changes can be applied during development. Last update: Nov 2023

Vision Statement

"To create a diverse and immersive Metaverse gaming experience that transcends cultural boundaries, providing users with a platform for meaningful social interactions, creative expression, and rewarding gameplay."

Mission Statement

"Epiko World aims to build a thriving ecosystem where players, creators, and investors converge. Through cutting-edge technology, cultural richness, and a play-to-earn model, we strive to redefine the gaming landscape and empower a global community."


  • Develop and launch a Metaverse Game, Epiko World, that becomes a benchmark for cultural inclusivity and gameplay innovation.

  • Achieve 5 million active users within the first year of public beta.

  • Establish Epiko World as a key player in the emerging Metaverse industry.

  • Forge strategic partnerships with leading tech companies, influencers, and cultural organizations.

  • Implement a sustainable monetization model ensuring profitability and fair reward distribution.

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