Company Overview

Wharf Street Studios is a visionary tech-driven entertainment company specializing in the development and operation of cutting-edge Metaverse gaming platforms. Our team, composed of seasoned professionals with expertise in game development, blockchain, and cultural storytelling, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences.

Industry Background

The gaming industry is experiencing a paradigm shift with the emergence of the Metaverse. Epiko World positions itself at the intersection of gaming, blockchain, and cultural diversity, aligning with the growing demand for immersive and rewarding virtual experiences.

Market Analysis

  • Size of the Gaming Market: The global gaming market is projected to reach $200 billion by 2023, with a substantial portion attributed to the Metaverse and virtual goods.

  • Metaverse Adoption: Increased interest in decentralized technologies and NFTs is driving Metaverse adoption, creating a fertile ground for innovative projects like Epiko World.

Target Audience

  • Primary Users: Gamers, creators, VR enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts, brands, influencers, investors.

  • Demographics: Age 9-55, diverse gender representation.

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