🎯Marketing and User Acquisition

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Bounty Campaigns & Paid Ads: Targeted campaigns to acquire and retain users.

  • PR Activities: Engage in PR activities, emphasizing cultural diversity, play-to-earn, and blockchain integration.

  • Epiko TV with Dream Factory: Collaborate to create over 100 content videos for marketing and user education.

Pre-Launch Strategy:

  • Targeted Influencer Marketing

  • Community Building

  • Active Press and Media Relations

  • Pre-Registration Campaign

  • Closed Beta Testing

Launch Strategy:

  • Global Launch

  • Cross-Platform Play

  • Free-to-Play Model

  • Launch Events and Tournaments

  • Community Engagement Initiatives

Post-Launch Strategy:

  • Regular Content Updates

  • Competitive Season System

  • Esports Initiatives

  • Data-driven Optimization

  • Live Operations and Support

Additional Strategy:

  • Localization

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Accessibility Features

  • Content Creator Support

  • Strategic Partnerships

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