🎮Product Overview

Embark on an epic journey into the heart of intense battles and legendary clashes in "Epiko World: Legends Showdown." This on-chain multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game redefines the gaming landscape by blending the excitement of a battle royale with the strategic depth of an MOBA.

In "Epiko World: Legends Showdown," players dive into a captivating universe from diverse cultures, where two teams of skilled warriors engage in fierce combat on a dynamic battlefield.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Diverse Culture: Incorporating a rich tapestry of cultures, Epiko World draws inspiration from diverse heritages such as India, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Characters, creatures, and maps within the gaming environment reflect this cultural diversity, creating a unique and inclusive virtual world.

  • Interoperability: Epiko World establishes an interconnected ecosystem, facilitating the seamless linkage of earned rewards to the Epiko Hub.

  • Rewards: Epiko rewards undergo integration into a smart wallet within the Epiko Hub, to reward players with real-world currency.

Gameplay Dynamics

a. Match Initialization:

  • Players are randomly assigned to teams of three (Team A and Team B).

  • Matches unfold in small arenas featuring diverse obstacles and covers.

b. Round Structure:

  • Each match consists of three rounds, each lasting 3 minutes.

  • Teams strive to achieve 50 kills in each round for victory.

c. Game Mechanics:

  • Movement: Utilize arrow keys or WASD for fluid arena navigation.

  • Combat: Employ the mouse for precise aiming and attacks, depleting the opponent's health bar.

d. Inventory Management:

  • Access and manage weapons, armour, and items during gameplay.

e. Respawning:

  • Players respawn from their team's spawn location upon death.

f. Scoring:

  • Winning teams earn points while losing teams receive no points.

g. Matchmaking:

  • Players can engage in matchmaking to form teams and enter the game.

h. Leaderboards:

  • View real-time leaderboards to track personal and team rankings.

i. Character Customization:

  • Personalize characters by customizing appearance and loadouts.

j. Rewards System:

  • Earn rewards for match victories and completing specific objectives.

k. Spectator Mode:

  • Spectate ongoing matches to observe strategies and gameplay.

l. Social Features:

  • Connect with friends, form teams, and engage in collaborative gameplay.

m. Team Communication:

  • Utilize in-game communication tools for strategic coordination.

n. Objective Variety:

  • Explore diverse match objectives beyond kills for added strategic depth.

o. Dynamic Weather and Environment:

  • Experience changing weather conditions and dynamic environmental elements impacting gameplay.

p. In-Game Events:

  • Participate in special events and challenges for exclusive rewards.

q. Unlockable Abilities:

  • Progress and unlock unique abilities or power-ups for characters.

r. Interactive Arenas:

  • Utilize interactive elements within arenas for tactical advantages.

s. Daily Challenges:

  • Engage in daily challenges for additional rewards and progression.

  • Join global tournaments with diverse challenges and rewards.

Game Economy:

a. Currency: Gems and Gold

  • Gems: Acquired through in-game achievements, real money purchases, and tournament victories.

  • Gold: Earned by completing quests, winning matches, and participating in in-game events.

b. Resources: Rasa and Essence

  • Rasa: Essential for casting spells, utilizing special abilities, and performing strategic manoeuvres during battles.

  • Essence: A rare resource used for crafting and upgrading unique items, weapons, and artefacts.

c. Characters: Heroes, and Creatures

  • Heroes: Playable characters with distinct abilities, unlockable through in-game progression, or by purchasing special character packs.

  • Creatures: Collectible companions with various roles and abilities, obtained through in-game events or special promotions.

d. Items: Potions, Artifacts, and Boosts

  • Potions: Health, mana, and power potions for use during battles and quests.

  • Artifacts: Rare and powerful items that enhance character abilities or unlock special features.

  • Boosts: Temporary enhancements for experience, resource gains, or increased battle prowess.

e. Trading Hub: Epiko Marketplace

  • A player-driven marketplace for buying and selling in-game items, characters, and collectibles using Gems or Gold.

f. Quests and Challenges

  • Daily, Weekly, and Special Event Quests: Provide currency, resources, and exclusive items upon completion.

  • Challenges: Difficult tasks with higher rewards, encouraging strategic gameplay.

g. In-Game Events: Tournaments, Festivals, and Seasons

  • Tournaments: Regular competitive events with unique challenges and escalating rewards.

  • Festivals: Themed events with special in-game activities, cosmetics, and bonuses.

  • Seasons: Periodic content updates introducing new story arcs, characters, and gameplay features.

h. VIP Memberships and Subscriptions

  • VIP Tiers: Exclusive benefits, early access to content, boosted resource gains, and unique cosmetic items.

  • Subscriptions: Premium packages offer continuous perks, exclusive content, and priority access to new features.

i. Cosmetics: Skins, Avatars

  • Character Skins: Change the appearance of your heroes with unique skins, available for purchase with Gems.

  • Avatars: Personalize your in-game profile with custom avatars, showcasing your style.

j. Random Loot Drops and Chests

  • Daily Loot Drops: Log in daily for random item drops, providing surprises and encouraging regular engagement.

  • Yantra: Earned through gameplay milestones, achievements, or purchases, containing random items, characters, or resources.

k. Guilds and Social Interaction

  • Guild Creation and Joining: Form or join guilds for collaborative gameplay, exclusive rewards, and guild-specific events.

  • Guild Challenges: Team-based challenges that yield substantial rewards for successful completion.


a. Towers:

  • Sturdy structures armed with ranged weaponry, provide a strategic vantage point for defense. Upgradeable for more powerful attacks and special abilities.

b. Outposts:

  • Frontier structures were placed strategically for territorial control. Generate resources over time, upgradeable for increased production and fortification.

c. Gates:

  • Massive gates fortify the entrance to your stronghold. Customizable with traps and mechanisms for defence.

d. Temples:

  • Sacred structures imbued with mystical powers, provide buffs and blessings. Upgrades unlock new divine abilities.

Technological Stack

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Oculus, Android, iOS.

  • Game Engine: Unity.

  • Blockchain: Polygon, Binance, ImmutableX, Boba.

  • Database: MongoDB.

  • Multiplayer Infrastructure: Photonengine.

  • Analytical Tools: Google Analytics, Unity Analytics.

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